COVID Vaccination update.

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A New Year sees the nation in the eye of the storm in our fight against Covid 19, while at Oakham Grange, we calmly carry on with our policy of prevention against the virus.

I’m pleased to confirm all Oakham Grange Residents have successfully had their first vaccinations; having been safely administered in the home on Saturday 9th of January, with no adverse effects for all. Indeed the whole process worked very smoothly and we would like to thank our GP partners at Empingham for all their support in making this happen.

It’s comforting to know that Oakham Grange residents are in the vanguard of the nation’s rollout of vaccinations.

Carrying on with this good news, the vast majority of Oakham Grange staff have also had their first vaccination, leaving just a dozen members of the team (at the time of writing) waiting for their appointment.

As positive as all the above news is, it doesn’t stop our focus on good infection control, indeed, it has become even more enhanced, with the introduction of additional ‘Lateral Flow’ tests for staff. These new ‘instant’ tests, with results back within half an hour, are in addition to our more normal weekly lab testing regime. Running these tests in parallel enables us to waylay an initial fears residents or their families may have in questioning this rapid tests efficacy.

Family visits are still going ahead within our COVID safe visiting ‘pod’, with its fully glazed divider enabling families to maintain contact as near normal as normal can be currently. As a new and bespoke home with Wi-Fi to every inch of the building, relatives and friends freely chat with residents via skype or by any of the other forms of new technology.

Above and beyond all this, we are still doing the basics properly; temperature checking all that enter the home, all staff in PPE, hand sanitizers everywhere, all helping us to stay safe and preventing our colleagues in hospital from being overwhelmed by the current spike in cases.