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‘There were enough staff with the right skills and experience to meet people's needs. Staff were kind and caring and motivated to achieve good outcomes for people…’ CQC Inspection Report April 2022
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Care at Oakham Grange

Residential Care with Nursing


‘Staff gave us examples of how they made people feel they mattered. They knew people well and knew about the things that were important to them…’

CQC Inspection Report April 2022

Residential Care

Residential care enables each individual to maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle with the reassurance of knowing that they have a well-trained care team on hand 24/7, with care and support when needed. Every resident has their own key worker, someone you can really get to know and trust, who in turn will understand your likes and dislikes.



Our skilled nurses are at the home 12 hours a day, every day of the week, but on call throughout all the other hours and never more than 30 minutes away. This means if your care needs should change in the future, we have the depth of skills to support you. Our nurse team pride themselves in delivering the highest standards of care, helping you maintain good physical and mental health. We will make sure your care needs can be fully met by our team, by finding out about you before you come to us.

“Oakham Grange offers the best of both worlds, Residential Care with Nursing. It’s like having your own community nursing team in house, so you can call on their skills to keep you physically and mentally well, as well as preventing any unnecessary visits to hospital”



Living with dementia does not mean you cannot enjoy meaningful activity and a good quality of life. Oakham Grange’s specialist dementia service is a dedicated household, designed to enable those living with dementia to be as independent and stress free as possible. Its dedicated staff team are trained in the very best dementia care practice, enabling us to deliver individual care and support plans to each resident.

‘Staff understood people’s needs and knew the things which may upset or distress people. For example, one person did not like a noisy environment so staff made sure they were provided with other options when activities were taking place which may be noisy…’

CQC Inspection Report April 2022

Look carefully and you will see the detail design our dedicated dementia service benefits from; correct lighting levels and clear signage makes getting around much easier, personalised memory boxes means you can find your bedroom independently and a bedroom where the ensuite is easy to see from the bed, helping to trigger the impulse to use it. Most importantly, staff that know that sometimes the right words are hard to find, but recognise the importance of the feelings you are trying to share.

Our residents living with dementia also have the additional care and support from Oakham Granges Nursing Team.


Short Breaks

Visiting us for just a couple of weeks or so, enables you to enjoy all the skills and benefits of Oakham Grange for a short period of time, maybe following a care crisis such as a fall or period in hospital. Short breaks are also a really gentle way for you and your family to trial Oakham Grange, without the stress or fear of committing to a fulltime move.


Palliative Care

The term Palliative Care and End of Life Care can be easily misunderstood. In essence it is the care and support to enable you to live life as well as possible, right to the end.
Our holistic approach to Palliative Care supports the ‘whole you’. We combine your social and spiritual support with the clinical management of your illness or symptoms.
Good Palliative Care isn’t about the last stages of life, you can receive palliative care early on living with an illness, while still receiving treatment for your condition.


Your cost of Care at Oakham Grange

Some care providers like to hide their costs, which can create a feeling of mistrust and a fear of hidden extras. We prefer a transparent approach so that you continue to have full control of your finances (if you are funding your own care) .

However, because we are all unique, it’s important that we assess you before you come to live at Oakham Grange, so we can be confident we can fully support your care needs and give you complete clarity of your fees. Having said that, we want to give you a real world guide to costs from the outset, so;

“Nursing Care and Support at Oakham Grange starts from £1325 a week” 


This weekly figure is dependent on what room you chose and encompasses all your nursing and care needs plus anything that may be descried as ‘hotel costs’, such as all your meals, snacks and drinks, as well as your laundry (personal clothing and bed linen). After an assessment of your needs there may be an enhanced care supplement which you will be made aware of before agreeing to come and stay with us. This is only applied in exceptional circumstances.

“In fact the only things you will need to budget for are down to your personal choice, things like hairdressing or chiropody appointments or your own daily paper, or personal interest magazine”.


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