Living Well

‘People were supported to follow their hobbies and interests and to maintain relationships with the people important to them…’ CQC Inspection Report April 2022
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What would you like to do?

Encouraging a high quality of life is at the heart of Oakham Grange’s culture and ethos. Our Activities Coordinators are dedicated to provide fun and engaging social calendars. Whatever our age, variety is the spice of life, so we ensure you have the opportunity to explore a wide range of hobbies and activities. So whether that’s;

  • Strolling in the garden or maintaining your passion for growing flowers and vegetables.
  • Being creative in one of our arts and crafts session, enjoying existing talents at cooking or baking.
  • Watching a movie in the cinema with new friends, there’s something for everyone at Oakham Grange.
movies at oakham grange care home

Looking good, feeling good.

Oakham Grange has its own spa treatment room and hairdressing salon. Time for you to relax with a facial, be daring with new nails or maintain the hairstyle which makes you feel most confident. Our fun and engaging activates calendar is not only for you, friends and families are very welcome to join in too.

Dining and Nutrition

‘We observed people enjoying a lunchtime meal in the communal dining room. The meals provide looked well presented and appetising. Staff supported people with their meal in a sensitive way. There were enough staff to support people, so the mealtime experience was unhurried, relaxed and sociable…’

CQC Inspection Report April 2022

Quality food is one of life’s pleasures and one of our highest priorities. We believe that good nutrition is paramount to our health and wellbeing. Oakham Grange’s skilled chefs create appetising, nutritionally balanced and visually pleasing dishes, with varied, seasonally inspired menus.

We cater for every taste and diet, our food is freshly prepared and whenever possible locally sourced. It will not take long for us to learn what food you like and how you like it cooked. For those that wish, the house wine or a beer, makes dinning an even more sociably occasion.

‘All care and catering staff were knowledgeable about people’s eating and drinking needs. They knew about people’s individual dietary needs, likes and dislikes. Staff supported people to choose what they would like to eat and drink…’

               CQC Inspection Report April 2022

dining at Oakham Grange


Choose to eat in the air conditioned dining room or step outside to one of the dining tables in the garden; a great place to entertain family and friends.

Private Dining

Celebrating a birthday, anniversary or just wanting to spend quality time with a group of good friends or family, then our private dining room is for you.

Lunch or dinner, our home cooked food complimented with a glass of wine or beer. Is there a nicer way to spend a couple of hours with the people that are dear to you?

Want to keep cooking skills up to scratch? Then make the most of our activity kitchens to take the opportunity to cook anything from a light snack to a full meal. Baking fans will also be able to use these kitchens, enabling you share your skills with family and friends.

Snacks and drinks are freely available throughout the day, plus we have a well-stocked vending machine for the occasional ‘naughty treat’.

Social Life and Leisure Time

It is important to us that Oakham Grange is an active part of our community. There will be many opportunities for you to take part in a wide range of social activities within and outside of the home.

‘We want you to keep your connections and interests, enabling you to maintain memberships of local clubs and interest groups, or visits to local cafés, restaurants or shopping trips’

Having the opportunity to do something you enjoy is very important to us and a key feature of our home. We have links with a number of different faith groups and will help you to attend whichever you wish or invite representatives to visit you here. We welcome a wide variety of guests to share their enthusiasm, knowledge and experiences in talks and demonstrations. These can range from local historians to visits from our local primary school and even music performances.

‘People were able to follow their interests and hobbies. There was a range of activities on offer and staff were employed to support individual and group activities. Some people enjoyed gardening and were planting trays ready for planning in the garden…’

CQC Inspection Report April 2022

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